Equities & Alternative Solutions

With our equity and alternative solutions, we offer access to fundamental-oriented equity strategies and alternative, diversifying risk premia. As complementary building blocks, these strategies lead to a significant improvement of the risk-return profiles of institutional asset allocations.

Equities & Alternative Solutions

Basic Infrastructure Investments

By concentrating on listed companies that operate regulated infrastructure, we can offer investors the prospect of regular, stable income. We invest on the basis of fundamental analysis in long-term structural themes such as urbanisation, power supply, mobility and demographic change. Favoured characteristics include – beside sustainability – robustness to the economic cycle, steady corporate cash flows, solid dividend policies and low share price volatility.

LCR Equity Management

To create an equity portfolio that meets the requirements for the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), the LCR eligibility of all stocks in the European equity universe is reviewed weekly. Eligible stocks are assessed quantitatively for attractive factors using the algorithms of the »Bantleon Quant Lab«. Our portfolio construction targets a combination of high factor bias and broad diversification. Company-specific risks are largely mitigated.

Systematic Managed Futures Strategies /CTAs

Our managed futures strategies are based on Bantleon's longstanding experience in quantitative asset management and economic research. We systematically exploit a globally diversified multi asset universe. Long and short positions are used to benefit from both rising and falling prices. The investment strategies focus on maximum diversification and the dynamic and systematic harvesting of alternative risk premia.

Quantitatively Optimised, Semi-Active Equity Strategies

The proven and innovative methods of the »Bantleon Quant Lab« enable us to implement your own specific investment theme in a rules-based and cost-efficient manner within a customised risk management framework, if desired. We focus on broad equity universes from which strategies can be developed that are highly diversified as well as tilted towards certain factors, regions or sectors without increasing the risk exposure of the portfolio. In addition, the forecasts of the »Bantleon Economic Research« can be mapped within the framework of an economic strategy for individual stocks or sectors.

Stephan Kuhnke
CEO and Head of Asset Management
CEO Bantleon AG, Zurich
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