Sustainability is much more than just a »trend«

Bantleon was founded in 1991 with the commitment to capital preservation. Since then, our focus has always been on the social benefits of an investment and thus its durability in the economic evolution process.

Sustainability at Bantleon

Sustainability is strongly anchored in Bantleon's DNA. As an independent company, we have taken responsibility for our actions since our incorporation in 1991 and evaluate our business activities from a long-term and holistic perspective. Furthermore, sustainability as a societal challenge can only be achieved by active participation and not from a passive attitude. Also, we recognised early that sustainability not only reduces risks, but also offers substantial opportunities – and must therefore be taken into account when making investment decisions. Consequently, as an asset manager in predominantly German-speaking countries, we are one of the early signatories of the UN Principles for Sustainable Investment (PRI).


With that in mind, ecological, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria are an integral part of our investment processes. This ensures that sustainability risks are identified and addressed at an early stage and that their impact on the »Bantleon Investment Strategies« is minimised. Our ESG integration process is based on the »Triple A« principle: Apply exclusions, Analyse, Address.