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Are you looking for investment funds with focus on capital preservation combined with attractive returns? In that case, »Bantleon Funds« might be a good choice for you. The team behind our investment funds comprises experienced portfolio managers and quantitative analysts as well as some of the world's best macroeconomic analysts.

Private Investors

Protection in difficult times

Rarely have changes been more rapid and challenges been bigger than today. For example, digital disruption is tackling established industries, while demographic developments are creating unstable social structures while the world is calling for a more sustainable global economic order. In addition, geopolitical transitions are driving deglobalisation. At the same time, monetary policy is struggling to adapt to the change in the inflationary climate, which threatens to drive inflation and interest rates to unimagined heights. With Bantleon Changing World, we invest in companies with business models that are difficult to replace or highly innovative in order to preserve value over the long term.
Together with the flexible management of the fund's assets, you thus benefit from an investment fund that is made for and anticipates the challenges that lie ahead of us.


Company Selection

Flexible Management

Stable During Crises

Returns from the major growth trends of the future

The returns of the future are generated by a few overarching growth trends, which are at the heart of Bantleon Changing World: Infrastructure, Renewable Energies, Smart Cities and Mobility and Digital Disruptors. Within our investment process, we select those companies that are leaders in their segment and that have superior growth perspectives.
As a result, you achieve stable and attractive returns.


Key Future Topics

Above-average Return Opportunities

Commitment to a better world

Sustainable investment is a duty towards our future and also good for returns. For a world worth living in, the United Nations (UN) has defined a total of 17 sustainability goals to which every company in our equity portfolio should contribute. Thanks to green bonds, we can also contribute to the protection of our climate. At the same time, sustainable companies have the more stable business model and experience increasing demand. In this way, everyone benefits.


Selection of Sustainable Companies

Time to talk to your financial advisor

Bantleon Changing World not only has an outstanding performance – even in the difficult coronavirus times. MSCI ESG Research, one of the largest global rating agencies for sustainability, ranks it among the leading sustainability funds among 34,000 funds that were analysed. Time to talk to your financial advisor.

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