Bantleon is a specialist for institutional investments

We are Bantleon, a specialist for institutional investments with a focus on capital preservation based in Switzerland and Germany. Our team comprises experienced bond and equity managers, quantitative analysts and some of the world's best macroeconomic analysts.

Investors in our mutual funds and segregated accounts include primarily banks, insurers, industrial companies and pension providers – but also risk-averse private investors. With 45 professionals, we manage EUR 4.9 billion (CHF 5.3 billion) for clients in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere.

Focus on active risk management

Our core competence is the identification, evaluation and management of all relevant risk factors in the global bond and equity markets. The result are institutional portfolios that can be individually adapted to the needs of institutional investors both within specific investment segments as well as at asset allocation level. The range of strategies thereby comprises high-quality bond and equity portfolios, systematic multi-asset strategies as well as market-independent alternative risk premia strategies.

(Data as of 30 June 2020)