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Master Management Company

Our Master Management Company distinguishes itself in the standardised business environment through individual solutions and personal contact with our clients.

For more than 20 years, we have been offering institutional clients the management of selected sub-funds – for example, the implementation of overlay strategies – in addition to the pure administrative services of a Management Company (ManCo). Depending on the investors' requirements, we work together with numerous external asset managers.
When defining the Master ManCo, we distinguish between the management of a legal segregated account for an investor with several sub-funds and the management of individual, legally independent funds of an investor under the umbrella of the Master ManCo. With the risk pool functionality, we offer the possibility to show the independent funds in aggregated form and also to include your other direct investments in our eReporting.

Market overviews and studies show: At first glance, the services of the various Master ManCos appear very similar from a customer's point of view. The difference for you as an institutional investor lies primarily in the quality and continuity of customer service and advice as well as the ability to customise reports and interfaces. Our long-term double-digit growth as Master ManCo proves that it is worthwhile to invest in these areas. With our flexibility as a medium-sized Master ManCo, we achieve time and quality advantages in the implementation of individual customer requirements compared to large companies.

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Andreas Faber
Head of Customer Relations/Administration
General Representative Bantleon Invest AG
Andreas Schapeit
Head of Business Development
General Representative Bantleon Invest AG
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