Bloomberg ranks »Bantleon Analysts« as best economic analysts for the Eurozone again

The news agency Bloomberg News has again awarded the »Bantleon Analysts« as »Top Forecaster of the Euro-Area Economy«. Bloomberg honoured their very precise forecasts for various economic indicators regarding the Eurozone

According to Bloomberg, Bantleon’s economic research team for the Eurozone, consisting of Chief Economist Dr. Daniel Hartmann and Senior Economist Jörg Angelé, has consistently ranked among the world's best forecasters since 2011 and regularly belongs to the »Top 5« (2011, 2020, 2021 and 2023: rank 1; 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022: rank 2). »Bantleon Senior Economist« Dr. Andreas Busch rose from third to second place with his forecasts for the US economy in 2023. His forecasts have also been very precise for a long time: according to Bloomberg, he has been among the top ten forecasters for the country worldwide since 2013 (2015 and 2016: rank 5; 2017: rank 6; 2018: rank 7; 2019: rank 4; 2020, 2021 and 2022: rank 3).

»Economic development is the engine of all liquid asset classes and their segments. This means that those who track the economic cycle generally anticipate the overarching financial market trends,« explains Stephan Kuhnke, Head of Asset Management at Bantleon. »That's why our economists constantly work to provide reliable forecasts in order to recognise economic turning points at an early stage and implement them in our investment management.«

For the current Bloomberg ranking concerning the Eurozone, the forecasts of 24 international analysts were evaluated based on data submitted to Bloomberg over the past 24 months. Overall, the ranking referred to the following nine indicators: gross domestic product, consumer confidence, consumer prices, EU Commission economic and industrial confidence, M3 money supply, industrial production, producer prices, and unemployment. To qualify for being ranked in the »Top Forecasters of the Euro-Area Economy«, participation in at least 15 of the past 24 months is required for at least five indicators.

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