Bantleon reorganises management in line with new group structure and hires overlay team

Following the acquisition of the former NORD/LB Asset Management AG, which has been operating under the name Warburg Invest AG since 2018 and is now called Bantleon Invest AG, Bantleon has reorganised its management to reflect the new structure of the group: Sebastian Finke, previously Executive Director of Bantleon GmbH, Hanover, with responsibility for Portfolio Management Equities and Investment Solutions, is now member of the Executive Board and CFO of the parent company Bantleon AG, Zurich, where he is responsible for Finance and Accounting as well as Direct Investments.

Dr. Dirk Rogowski has moved from the Management Board of the Hanover-based subsidiary Bantleon Invest AG to the Executive Board of Bantleon GmbH, where he will continue to expand institutional sales. He is succeeded by Gerd Lückel, who was previously responsible for Product and Portfolio Management as General Representative of Bantleon Invest AG.

In addition, Bantleon is expanding its own asset management expertise with a four-person overlay team from Warburg Invest KAG mbH, Hamburg: Hauke Hess, Andreas Rothbarth, Barbara Schönack and Hendrik Peters. With this team, Bantleon is strengthening its range of forecast-free, rule-based investment approaches for liquid asset classes and multi-asset portfolios as well as risk overlay concepts. The year 2022 in particular has shown many investors that rule-based concepts with defined value floors can offer considerable added value when correlations or forecasts are of limited help due to market developments. With the integration of the overlay team, Bantleon's assets under management have grown by EUR 2.3 billion to EUR 23.9 billion.

»In future, Bantleon will be able to offer institutional investors the full range of strategies, from economic cycle-based to forecast-independent, rule-based management approaches,« explains Jörg Bantleon, owner and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bantleon AG.

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