»Bantleon Analysts« rank among world's best forecasters

The »Bantleon Economists« rank among the best forecasters in the world. This is the result of the awards of the data provider Bloomberg for the Eurozone and the USA, who has already confirmed the three analysts' excellent forecasting quality for several years.

The ranking is based on forecasts of various economic indicators submitted to Bloomberg in the eight previous quarters

Bloomberg regularly names the world’s leading experts in terms of the accuracy of their forecasts concerning trends in the biggest economies. To produce their ranking lists, they look at a range of key indicators over a period of eight quarters and select the forecasters whose assessments have been close to spot-on most often. The indicators used include unemployment, gross domestic product, retail sales, industrial production and the consumer price index.

Excellent results also at Refinitiv

These consistently excellent results at Bloomberg are confirmed by the Starmine Awards from the data service provider Refinitiv. Bantleon also regularly ranks among the leaders here: rank 1 for the Eurozone in 2023 (2022: rank 8, 2020: rank 4), rank 1 for Germany (2022: rank 2, 2021 and 2020 both rank 1).

Every year, Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) selects the experts worldwide who make the most accurate forecasts with regard to the development of the most important economies. To compile this ranking, the analysts who have achieved a particularly high number of close landings with their forecasts are filtered out of numerous key indicators over a period of one year. The indicators include unemployment, gross domestic product, consumer price index, consumer confidence and purchasing managers' indicators.

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