»Investors can no longer take it for granted that assets will retain their value in the years ahead. We strive to achieve long-term capital preservation and protect the money entrusted to us against inflation and political crises.«

Jörg Bantleon, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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Bantleon analysts rank among world's best forecasters

»Bloomberg« and »Thomson Reuters« place two Bantleon analysts among the top forecasters worldwide: Dr Andreas Busch for the US and Dr Daniel Hartmann for the Eurozone, Germany and France. They were singled out for their particularly accurate forecasts.

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Institutional Investors
Bond Management

Institutional Investing relies first and foremost on professional bond management. We have been successfully managing the bond market’s return components for over 15 years. All of our portfolios take the particular needs of institutional investors into account.

Extended Investment Strategies

Institutional Investing taps into additional sources of returns for security-oriented investors beyond those offered by pure bond portfolios. Proven absolute return concepts extend the scope for institutional investors to generate returns with either mutual funds or single-investor funds geared to their needs.

Technology Investments

Institutional Investing is all about thinking ahead. Technological progress is causing structural shifts all over the world and is thus the key driver of performance on the financial markets. Not all established companies will be able to negotiate this adjustment process successfully. Our Technology Council, which comprises leading academic and research experts, helps us to identify the technologies with the best prospects for the future and select companies that offer above-average growth potential.

Systematic Markets

Institutional Investing is efficient. Our semi-active management allows institutional investors to act on a wide range of investment themes in a way that is intelligently tailored to them and yet cost-effective – with systematic excess returns or consistently lower risk.

Private Investors
Investment Funds

Institutional Investing maintains a rigorous focus on long-term capital preservation. Since this is also beneficial for private investors, we have opened up some of our institutional mutual funds to you as well.