Ready. For a changing world.

Never before has there been such an explosive mixture of high equity valuations, historical expensive bonds and concentrated geopolitical risks as today. In addition, global structural change burdens the economic growth.

Over the last years, we have continuously adjusted our management approaches to the changing capital market environment. All our strategies are tailored to the needs of safety-conscious investors.

In focus

»Bantleon Analysts« rank among world's best forecasters

»Bloomberg« and »Thomson Reuters« place the »Bantleon Economists« among the top forecasters worldwide: Dr Daniel Hartmann for the Eurozone, Germany and France, Dr Andreas Busch for the US and Jörg Angelé for Germany as well as for the US. They were singled out for their particularly accurate forecasts.

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»In the coming years, capital preservation will no longer be something that can be taken for granted. We strive to preserve capital over the long term and protect the money entrusted to us against inflation and political crises.«

Jörg Bantleon, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Fields of Expertise

Focus on active bond management

Credit and duration management is the core of Bantleon, with a focus on detailed debtor analysis and active maturity management in a variety of bond segments. The result is an active bond portfolio that can be customised in every detail.

Equity investments driven by structural shifts

Our stock selection is geared to value, with particular attention paid to each stock’s future prospects and the stability of the portfolio as a whole. Our approach centres on global structural shifts and the key factors influencing them.

Macro-based management

Outstanding economic research: leading financial news providers regularly confirm that Bantleon’s analysts rank among the world’s best forecasters. Their macroeconomic analysis and models form the basis for our entire equity management and bond management operations.

Quantitative optimisation

The »Bantleon Quant Lab« collates quantitative and economic analysis in an innovative way to enable active portfolio management, optimised portfolio construction and rigorous risk management.

About Bantleon

Based in Switzerland and Germany, Bantleon specialises in institutional investments with a focus on capital preservation. The team behind this process comprises some of the world’s best macroeconomic analysts, experienced equity and bond managers and leading scientists from the technology sector. Investors in its mutual funds and segregated accounts include primarily banks, insurers, industrial companies and pension providers, with security-oriented private investors also represented. In total, Bantleon’s 49 staff manage EUR 5.8 billion (CHF 6.5 billion) for clients in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere.