Bantleon Select Green Bonds

»Impact investing with green bonds«

Bantleon Select Green Bonds is a balanced bond fund with the aim of high interest income and price gains. The fund invests in global green bonds that have been issued to finance new or existing projects with measurable positive effects on the environment. The overall fund management is aligned to the economic cycle, whereas the individual bonds are selected based on detailed bottom-up and sustainability analysis. While the »Bantleon ESG Process« ensures that only issuers with high ESG standards are selected, the »Bantleon Green Bond Process« warrants that only real green bonds with a particularly positive impact on the environment are included in the portfolio. The overall return of the fund comprises of the following components:

  • Management of the modified duration in the range of generally 6% to 10%
  • Management of the yield curve
  • Management of the sector allocation and the rating structure according to the »Bantleon Economic Outlook«

The portfolio management invests in particular in global government and quasi-government bonds as well as in global corporate bonds. Foreign currency risks are completely hedged.

Risk and Reward Profile

Further details

FundBantleon Select Green Bonds

WKN Share Class »PA« A2P9Y2
ISIN Share Class »PA« LU2208869995
Valor Number Share Class »IA« 56128866
Fund Currency: EUR
Share Class Currency: EUR
Inception Date 06.10.2020
Fund type/
Legal form
RatingGenerally portfolio rating »A«, for details see fund report
Management methodFundamental bond selection combined with economic cycle-based segment and duration management
Investment objectiveOutperformance compared to the bond market with a high positive impact on the environment
Investment focusGreen bonds with minimum rating investment-grade
Distribution of dividendsAnnual distribution of the interest income
in December
Modified duration rangenormally 6% to 10%
CostsManagement Fee
Share Class »PA«: 0.65% p.a.
(0.50% p.a. Portfolio Management Fee + 0.15% p.a. All-in Fee)
Subscription fee 2.50%
TER (as per 30 November 2020)
Share Class »PA«: 0.71%
CustodianUBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch
(UBS AG: S&P »A«, Moody's »A2«)