Further Funds in Focus

Maximum interest income with solid creditworthiness

Bantleon Select Corporate Hybrids

Average return since inception 2019:
-3.00% p.a.

Investment focus:
Subordinated corporate bonds (excluding financial institutions).


Economic cycle-based asset management

Bantleon Global Multi Asset

Average return since inception 2011:
2.13% p.a.

Investment focus:
Global bonds,
equities (max. 40%) and commodities (max. 20%), flexible allocated with a conservative risk profile.

The core investment for quality, growth and dividends

Bantleon Select Infrastructure

Average return since inception 2019:
4.54% p.a.

Investment focus:
High-quality infrastructure stocks that benefit from multiple structural growth trends.

For market-independent equity market returns

Bantleon Event Driven Equities

Average return since inception 2019:
1.35% p.a.

Investment focus:
Alternative equity fund with the aim of achieving an above-average return that is largely independent of the market.

Figures as of 29 July 2022 for EUR funds. The performance calculation is based on the daily share price and reinvestment of the dividents (BVI method). The average annual performance development of the share classes PA resp. PT for private investors is displayed. The launch dates are as follows:

  • Bantleon Select Corporate Hybrids: 9 October 2019
  • Bantleon Global Multi Asset: 7 September 2011
  • Bantleon Select Infrastructure: 20 June 2019
  • Bantleon Event Driven Equities: 20 June 2019