Media Release
26. May 2020
Bantleon is examining various options for its investment in LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

The asset manager Bantleon sees LPKF Laser & Electronics AG back on course for the future after the laser technology company achieved significant growth in revenues and earnings. »We have supported LPKF on its way back to become a sustainably growing technology company,« explains Jörg Schubert, Managing Director of the investment company German Technology AG, which belongs to the Bantleon Bank Group. »However, we do not see ourselves as a long-term partner for industrial companies. For that reason, we have decided to divest our stake in LPKF and hence our last industrial shareholding.« Going forward, Bantleon will concentrate exclusively on its core area of institutional asset management.

German Technology AG currently holds 18.2% of the SDAX listed company. A further 10.4% is held by Jörg Bantleon, the founder and owner of the Bantleon Bank Group.

Bantleon has contracted an investment bank to examine various options. »An exit via the market would have the advantage that LPKF would gain much greater visibility at investor level after becoming a member of the SDAX,« says Schubert. »Alternatively, we are in final discussions with a strategic American investor from a related technology segment about the complete sale of the 28.6% shareholding«. In case of a placement, Jörg Bantleon has given the commitment to the mandated investment bank to remain a shareholder of LPKF with his privately held shares for at least 6 months after the completion of the placement. It is currently not possible to foresee when the process will be completed.

Bantleon has held a stake in LPKF since June 2016 and has been represented on the Supervisory Board by Dr. Markus Peters since 2017. Since then, numerous changes have been implemented, particularly in the management of the company as well as in the financing and balance sheet structure, which have enabled LPKF to return to a profitable growth path. »The positive development of the company is now also being rewarded by the stock market. We have thus reached our own targets faster than expected,« explains Markus Peters, Chairman of the Board of Directors of German Technology AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LPKF. He will remain available to LPKF as Chairman of the Supervisory Board after the transaction has been completed.