Media Release
31. August 2018
Bantleon launches global mixed fund tapping into future trends

The asset manager Bantleon has launched Bantleon Changing World, a global mixed fund that invests flexibly in the key trends for the future: demographic change and the digital transformation. The fund stands to profit from the above-average growth potential in these segments while at the same time focusing on solid value investments. It covers technological megatrends such as Industry 4.0, medical technology and autonomous systems as well as essential infrastructure in the power transmission, communication, logistics, mobility and water industries. The portfolio managers select stocks and bonds from around the world for Bantleon Changing World with the aid of fundamental criteria, taking account of sustainability issues.

The economic cycle influences the fund’s asset allocation

In order to minimise fluctuations in Bantleon Changing World’s value, the portfolio managers steer the fund’s asset allocation flexibly between bullish technology stocks, defensive infrastructure stocks and stable bonds in line with the economic cycle. »The selection is rigorously geared to the value approach in fixed income, too, focusing on government bonds from the core Eurozone states, covered bonds and solid corporate bonds,« stresses Andreas Dagasan, Head of Global Equities. This means that, when it comes to corporate issuers and bonds, the preference is for those that profit from demographic change and the digital transformation as well as sustainable (green) bonds and covered bonds, i.e. those backed by specific assets. »The goal is to achieve stable performance with attractive distributions thanks in particular to high dividend income from the infrastructure segment,« adds Dagasan.

In view of its focus on value investments and highly active management of its asset allocation, the fund is of particular interest for security-conscious investors. Dagasan concludes: »Bantleon Changing World offers an opportunity to invest in structural future trends without having to worry about the stock market climate.«