17. October 2018
Bantleon expands Asset Management

The asset manager Bantleon is further expanding its Asset Management unit and strengthening the capabilities of its portfolio managers. In connection with this, its long-serving Chief Investment Officer Dr. Harald Preißler will transfer to the Board of Directors of Bantleon Bank AG in September 2018. Bantleon has already enlarged the scope of Asset Management’s operations significantly in recent years. The organisation of the Factor Investments department has been bolstered, for example, while Dr. Julian Lorenz, a proven specialist in the field of statistical data analysis, has been recruited for quantitative analysis, and the equity capabilities have been enhanced.

The new business unit »Bantleon Equities« applies Bantleon’s focus on long-term capital preservation to forward-looking equity strategies – particularly in technology and infrastructure. In this respect, Bantleon is supported by the nine leading scientists from various research fields who make up the »Bantleon Technology Council«, an independent panel of experts. In Portfolio Management, meanwhile, a team of specialists in technology stocks has been hired that includes Andreas Dagasan, former Head of Equity Portfolio Management at MEAG.

The Portfolio Management team is set to be expanded further this year – not only in equities, but also in Bantleon’s core competence of bond management with the imminent addition of a Head of Credit.

Asset Management will continue to be supported by the traditionally strong Economic Research team, headed since the start of 2018 by Europe Analyst Dr. Daniel Hartmann who took over the function of Chief Economist at the beginning of the year. Dr. Hartmann, as well as US Analyst Dr. Andreas A. Busch, has been named as one of the world’s best analysts by the data providers Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters for a number of years.

The previous Head of Asset Management, Dr. Harald Preißler, who has been with Bantleon since 1999, played a key role in driving the asset manager’s strong focus on macroeconomic trends forward during this time. »With his transfer from the Executive Board to the Board of Directors of Bantleon Bank AG the strategic decision-making level shifts to the Board of Directors while at the same time giving Portfolio Management much greater responsibility for the individual investment segments«, explains Jörg Bantleon, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. »This reorganisation of staff and the enlargement of the investment spectrum put the company in an excellent position to face the future challenges of the capital market at all levels.«