Bantleon acquires majority stake in an awarded convertible bond specialist

> Acquisition of majority stake in convertible bond specialist Credit Suisse Investment Partners AG (CSIP)

> Team and management remain fully on board

> The transaction underlines our ambition to be the leading bond manager in the German-speaking region

> The company will operate under the name Bantleon Convertible Experts AG in future
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Credit Suisse Investment Partners AG

Credit Suisse Investment Partners was founded in 2007 by Stefan Hiestand under the name AgaNola AG as a convertible bond specialist. In March 2020, AgaNola and Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM) deepened their partnership in convertible bonds through a business combination under which CSAM obtained a majority stake. The team consists of five specialists who have been with the company for an average of seven years and have more than 14 years of experience in asset management. These include the two lead portfolio managers Rossitza Haritova and Lukas Buxtorf, who are ranked among Europe’s best portfolio managers for convertible bonds by Citywire.

Time for convertible bonds!

Convertible bonds offer the upside potential of equities combined with the benefits of bonds.
The market is enjoying rapid growth, and attractive investment prospects abound.

Why convertible bonds?

Convertible bonds are a unique asset class – they offer investors the potential for equity-like growth while providing downside protection similar to that of a fixed income instrument. Given their asymmetric risk-return profile, convertible bonds tend to perform well in many market scenarios and are a compelling long-term contributor to returns in a multi-asset-class portfolio.

With active management, convertible bonds can be better positioned to achieve the investment objectives.

Why Credit Suisse Investment Partners AG?

Credit Suisse Investment Partners AG is a specialised boutique with a leading position in global convertible bonds and other asymmetric and convex investment strategies. Investors have been benefiting from the outstanding track record in actively managing global convertibles since 2007. With defensive, balanced, and dynamic global convertible bond strategies on offer, the various needs of investors are met.


Focused: four mutual funds plus segregated accounts with a volume of around EUR 1 billion in convertible bonds

Awarded: flagship fund CSIP (Lux) Global Investment Grade Convertible Bond Fund with a 5-star rating from Morningstar and best fund in its category in Europe according to the Lipper Fund Awards in a 3-year comparison

Ambitious: probably the best convertibles manager in Europe in the conservative segment

The three convertible bond strategies

Investment Grade: investments with high credit quality, which guarantees stable bond floors

Balanced: balanced risk-return profile, with higher portfolio turnover and credit risk because of exposure to issuers rated below investment grade

Dynamic: high performance potential, with higher volatility and credit risk because of exposure to issuers rated below investment grade

The products

CSIP (Lux) Global Investment Grade Convertible Bond Fund

CSIP (Lux) Global Balanced Convertible Bond Fund

CSIP (Lux) Convert International Bond Fund

CS (Lux) Global Value Bond Fund


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