»Preserve capital first of all, then focus on generating attractive returns.«

Jörg Bantleon,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Institutional Investors

Specialised management, high quality bonds and maximum controlling support: the »Bantleon funds« are optimised to meet the demands of institutional investors. The Bantleon Bond Indexing mandate concept adapts Bantleon's immunisation strategy for individual client mandates. Our management methods range from Outperformance to Absolute Return.

Private Investors

The »capital forming bond funds« of Bantleon have formed a sound investment base for institutional investors for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, private investors can also invest in these funds, where capital preservation is paramount.

Distribution Partners

Within a general capital insecurity, the »capital forming funds« of Bantleon can offer your clients a product range within a secure capital environment. Institutional investors have relied on the underlying Bantleon management methods for more than 15 years.

In focus

Bantleon analysts rank among best forecasters

A new report from Bloomberg confirms that Bantleon regularly ranks in the top ten when it comes to economic analysis for the US and the Eurozone.

Bantleon analyst Dr Daniel Hartmann has been among the seven best forecasters in the world since 2011 and appears in the top five on a regular basis (first place in 2011, second place in 2014).

Bantleon analyst Dr Andreas Busch has been one of the world’s top ten forecasters since 2013.

Bloomberg regularly names the world’s leading experts in terms of the accuracy of their forecasts for the US and Eurozone economies. To produce its ranking list, it looks at 16 key indicators for the US and nine for the Eurozone over a two-year period and selects the forecasters whose assessments have been close to spot-on most often. The indicators used include unemployment, gross domestic product, retail sales, industrial production and the consumer price index.

*Historical performance of all funds (mutual funds institutional share class and single-investor funds) managed by the Bantleon Bank AG and based on the daily fund unit prices by means of the volume weighted BVI-method (reinvestment of distributions) in the period between 1 March 2000 and 30 December 2016. Performances of the past are no reliable indicator for future performances.